Project Khusi

Project Khusi is a mode of play aim to help young patients feel less anxious
of being alone in hospital, by creating a nostalgic experience that encourage
patient to interact with caregivers and other patients at night time.

Each year, more than 9000 children from all around New Zealand get
treated in Starship Hospital, the national children hospital in New Zealand.
Many of the children feel uncomfortable and insecure to stay in an
unfamiliar environment.

It is easy to associate hospital with negative thoughts when children
are already unwell, especially when they are home sick or bored. 

The primary method of Khusi is to illustrate the concept of hospitalisation based on a simple story of a sick red panda
getting treated by the vet.  Khusi target children whose age between 2-6, with a younger demographic, the story is straight
forward and children can easily understand and relate themselves to the red panda. 

The illustrated pop-up book can act as an entertainment, children viewing the pop up are encourage to interact with
its features which evade children's understanding. The shadow puppets which are stored in the pocket of the book suggests
children to play during or after the story telling with the storyteller. The 'write your own experience' pages encourage
children to document their hospital experience which allow the user to customise their own copy.